Large scale inner-city demolition | Haarlem

Published on 22 August 2022 at 11:25


Bottelier provided the large scale demoliton and asbestos remediation of a large apartment complex in the inner city of Haarlem. The asbestos was removed from the building with a crane, dismantling part of the building.


Within the project chromium 6 were removed from the complex and all airco units were dismantled for full circular re-use.


Bottelier has dismantled the fluorescent tubes and fixtures to make them available for immediate reuse. Securing quantities of fluorescent tubes is a chore, because the tubes contain significant amounts of metal that are mounting for the environment.

Other parts and materials such as fire hoses, a professional kitchen, full bathrooms and doors were taken from the building. These materials were replaced in Ghana for full circular reuse there. 


The demolition project had challenges because of the very dense inner-city location. Various measures were taken to prevent dust pollution, vibrations and noise pollution to the surrounding buildings. The project was executed with high precision and in the end a great succes with 0 indigents. 


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