Bottelier B.V. has designed a circular demolition method that is unique in the market. Thanks to our technical research, we can identify the realistic possibilities for your circular project and substantiate both qualitatively and numerically. With the innovative method, we can provide insight into the circularity of a project that is equivalent to expensive circular consultancies and engineers. Circular demolition is part of our total offer. In addition to insight, we optimize implementation and formulate marketing strategies for the highest return on your materials.


This is how our method works: 


  • Building materials inventory: Insight and qualification of the materials present in your building object
  • Technical and environmental materials research: Insight into the technical and aesthetic quality of materials, disassembly options and market potential. This is how we determine the best strategy for your valuable materials.
  • Environmental cost indication (ECI): Concrete and numerical insight into the environmental savings of reuse strategies. This gives you insight into the benefits of circular demolition.
  • Research report and weighted conclusion: In the research report, all insights come together and we conclude the circularity of your project together with the strategy to be implemented.



  • Project-specific disassembly plan : Our disassembly plan is tailored to the identified material strategy and additional risks for disassembly. This allows us to secure valuable materials by professionally dismantling and dismantling them during the demolition process.



  • Sales strategy: We help in project management by realizing the best sales strategy for each material. We also prevent excessive transport by selling most materials locally. Our reuse is therefore as high-quality as possible.
  • Subsequent calculation: In the subsequent calculation we show what has been achieved in the field of circularity, and we provide insight into the environmental savings achieved.
  • Certificate: All realized savings in one overview for the client through a beautiful certificate.


More information about our services in the field of circularity? Request the white paper: