Since 1970, Bottelier has endorsed the importance of corporate social responsibility. In this way we take responsibility for the consequences of our business activities on people, the environment and society. Bottelier has now climbed to level 3 on the CSR performance ladder.

Bottelier is currently one of the few in the market to realize a reuse percentage of 99% of the waste materials. We separate all materials at source, thus achieving optimum reuse.


All our efforts are formulated in a CSR policy plan on the basis of indication factors. An important part of a well-functioning policy is continuously informing clients, subcontractors, suppliers and employees about the progress of the improvement process and their contribution to it. Our company not only wants to offer a competitive price, but also wants to find the optimal balance between price, quality and sustainability. We do this by structuring our production process as sustainably as possible and combating emissions.

CSR Policy 2022 (Dutch)


'Transparency and ambition to tackle the negative implications of our business operations'.

Bottelier strives to keep the impact on the climate as low as possible.
Based on the footprint for 2013 (base year), we have set targets to reduce our CO₂ emissions. As a result, we will not only work and produce even cleaner, but the reduction also leads to more efficient business operations.


The objectives are included in our CO₂ policy plan. (viewable on request)
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Our operators are trained according to the principles of 'the new turning'. This method reduces idle engine hours through the use of a start-stop system and helps operators manage their gas usage.

Bottelier uses hybrid machines. These machines are equipped with quick-change systems (OilQuik), run on AdBlue to combat emissions, and have monitoring systems to manage maintenance. All these modern applications enable us to remain optimally productive, while reducing emissions and emissions.

Bottelier uses rideable canteens that run on solar power In addition to saving emissions, we also reduce the nuisance because loud and smelly generators on petrol have become superfluous. We are one of the first to implement this innovation.


Our staff is trained according to the principles of 'the new driving'. This involves timely switching, so that the combustion engine makes less rpm, and our staff learns to manage their accelerator pedal so that less gas has to be given.


We also do everything we can to take care of the environment of the project locations. This includes intensive dust control and the prevention of vibrations and noise pollution. But Bottelier does more. In addition to providing information, we use our social media to distribute online content. This is how we involve the neighborhood in our project. This results in interest rather than envy from local residents. Clients thus suffer less from complaints.


Social return on investment (SROI) is part of our business. Citizens with a distance to the labor market get a chance to gain work experience in practice. The possibilities for SROI are coordinated with the relevant municipality for each project.


We are a partner of Triple ThreaT. This foundation unites young people in Haarlem and the surrounding area by offering various sports activities, courses and lifestyle elements. In this way they help young people to develop their talents and keep them off the streets. Triple Threat was voted sports club of the year in 2019.