Dismantling polyurethane factory

Published on 22 August 2022 at 11:01

For one of our regular clients we have won the contract for the complete cleaning, asbestos remediation and dismantling of a polyurethane production location. All production-related installations had to be removed and disposed of and all building-related installations had to remain in place due to the sale of the location.

After completing the necessary preparatory work, such as drawing up the required HSE plans, TRAS and work discussions, the project could physically start.

The first step of the dismantling was cleaning all tanks and pipes, for cleaning Bottelier used a specialized industrial cleaning company. The second step was to remove the asbestos. Bottelier removed the asbestos safely and professionally and had the location released by an independent accredited laboratory. The third step was the removal of all production-related equipment and installations. 

Under the sign of a sustainable society, Bottelier has managed to remarked various objects, this is possible because of the extensive knowledge network in the re-use industry. The objects that could not be reused were professionally dismantled and removed to a recognized processor.


At the end of the project, the entire building was delivered broom clean. Bottelier also completed this project within schedule, within budget and with 0 incidents.

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