Removal of indoor gasboilers

Published on 22 August 2022 at 10:52

For one of our regular clients, we have won the contract to remove two indoor gas-fired boilers. The boilers had to make way in the context of a sustainability project, enabling the energy transition.


After completing the necessary preparatory work, such as drawing up the required HSE plans, TRAS and work discussions, the project could physically start.

The first step of the dismantling was to remove the asbestos. Bottelier removed the asbestos safely and professionally and had the objects released by an independent accredited laboratory. The second step was to remove the so-called NORM (Naturally Occuring Radioactive Material) material. In consultation with the competent authority, Bottelier removed this material in accordance with the correct laws and regulations.


The third and final step was to cut the boiler into small pieces and take it to a recognized processor. Various measures have been taken to prevent smoke from forming in the building, such as leaving the smoke exhaust duct in place (natural draft) and installing large fans to create a positive air flow. Bottelier also completed this project within schedule, within budget and with 0 incidents.

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